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Highway and Inside Property Views

This web page depicts scenes inside the St. Anthony property in the left column with the corresponding views from the highway depicted in the right column.  A description of the area is in the paragraph below the two side-by-side pictures.

If you travel from St. Anthony to Linn Creek and Osage Beach by way of the new highway 5/7 bypass, the trees along the highway to the west (toward the water tower) between Pier 31 Road and the Possum Hollow overpass is St. Anthony property.

The picture on the left shows the inside of the forest area along the south property line that is marked by an old fence line with steel posts.  The picture on the right depicts the highway view of the same area.  This is the south part of the 12.5 acres depicted in the Camden County GIS maps.

The picture on the left shows the valley down to the east of the Ed. Center.  The corresponding highway view of the forested valley is shown on the right.  The church can be seen in the far right part of the picture on the right.

The picture on the right shows the hill sloping down to the south of the potential cemetery location.  The water tower is actually much farther to the northeast.  The rectory can be faintly seen in the trees to the far left part of the right column picture.  The picture on the left shows the trees on the flat part at the top of the hill looking toward the area of the church.

The picture on the left shows part of the grove of trees.  The pond is located out of view to the left.  The highway view in the right column picture shows the grove of trees close to the power lines.  The pond and potential cemetery area includes the trees and the area to the right across the top of the hill.

The picture on the left shows the top part of the ravine that widens toward the highway as seen in the picture on the right.  All of this north property area is covered with trees with one rather small gully and a wider, deeper gully.

This last picture in the left column shows an example of the concentration of timber in this area that stretches along the highway to the hill just south of the intersection of Pier 31 Road and Highway 5/7.

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