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Jack Martin Columbarium Notes

When Jack Martin was on the Parish Council he extensively researched what was needed to establish a columbarium at St. Anthony.  There were likely others involved in the data gathering process.  Documents and notes were put in a blue binder titled; "Cemetery".  This binder is kept in the bookcase behind Rene's desk.  

In addition to Jack's handwritten notes, there were:

1. Copies of several columbarium brochures with pricing.

2. St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery Association, Jefferson City, Rules and Regulations.

Jack's retyped handwritten notes:

1. Camden County Planning and Zoning 346-4440x1350

Spoke with Pat with following notes:

a. “Unified Land Use Code” (

b. R1 included residential and church.

c. Must have 5 acres.

d. Conditional use permit.

e. Since the property is within the Camdenton City limits, need to work with City Hall (346-3600).

2. Called the city of Camdenton and spoke with Dennis Croxton, Planning and Zoning Administrator (x232).

St. Anthony’s is zoned commercial at Hwy 5 but residential at the back. He felt that there was no problem but could see. He wishes a week or two to study some more. I requested a written commentary from him, if possible. He recommended checking with state requirements also.

In his written letter he said the following:

"There is nothing in the "City of Camdenton Municipal Code" that would prohibit St. Anthony's from developing their own cemetery.  The only items that the city would need to be involved in is any grading/excavating in preparing the site and fencing,"

3. Department of Natural Resources, Lake of The Ozarks Satellite Office (348-2442).

Talked to Sheila and she had the following comments:

a. Assume property is sloped away from site.

b. “Land Use Permit” needed if bulldozing more than one acre.

c. Cemetery has to be set back 100 feet minimum from drinking water well or water source.

d. Had a vague comment regarding a “storm water permit”; probably associated with sloping of land away from cemetery.

4. Water Protection District (751-9351).

Spoke with Johnnie Dell and he could not think of any restriction for the cemetery.

5. Springfield DNR.

Commented about complaints of plastic flowers being left behind. Not permitted to be burned or buried. Must be trashed for pickup for the landfill.

6. Went to computer site: secretary of state.

a. On search entered chapter 214, Missouri Revised Statues, Cemeteries. Found Revised Statues, Cemetery, Revised Aug 28, 2011, 34 pages.

7. Called Missouri State Government Information (573-751-2000) asking for more information on cemeteries.

Spoke to Tom Richard, Executive Director for Cemeteries.

He was very cordial, very informative and obtained all of the following information:

Bottom line St. Anthony’s is pretty well except some Chapter 214 requirements. Paragraph 214.270 (4) & (34) applied to us, but, all other paragraphs had interesting information.

Tom advised creation of “Cemetery Policies Do’s and Don’ts”; Long range planning, 50 year/100year/cemetery plot, extension parameters, flower removal policy, live and plastic, trust funds for monies held for future burial prices, interest on trust funds to cover perpetual care, fees, survey of plots, where to dig, secure accounts, caution about manipulation of trust funds. What happens if church is no longer able to care for cemetery or church no longer exists?

If something is not under Chapter 214, we will not require a license.

My comments (Jack Martin); Will parish Council oversee cemetery or will it be under a cemetery committee? Audit of accounts by whom assuming trust funds are held secure? Pastors come and go. What will be the continuity?

Tom also mentioned “Death Care Regulations Association”. I have researched them, but, he says they have parameters that might help us.

a. Create solid by-laws for this project either separately or into any charter of constitution or church by-laws and/or institutions.

b. Keep project open by holding meetings on the cemetery. Election of officers or a Cemetery Association is to be created.

c. Again, plan for what will be needed to satisfy perhaps 3 or 4 generations into the future.

d. Check with the Diocese for further guidance on this project, for they have probably dealt with all of this before.

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