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Cemetery Parish Survey

In February 2017, a survey was conducted asking the parishioners at St. Anthony if they would like to see a cemetery built at St. Anthony, if they would use the cemetery and if they preferred in-ground burial or a columbarium.

The form is shown in the figure on the right.

A total of 109 surveys were returned.  The table below shows the results.

 Yes %
 No %
Would you like to see a cemetery built?
Would you use the cemetery?
  Would you use in-ground burial?
  Would you use a columbarium?

There is over whelming support for a cemetery at St. Anthony.

In addition, the majority of the parishioners would use the cemetery at St. Anthony.

In-ground burial was preferred by a little over half of the responses.  Clearly, there is a desire for both in-ground burial and a columbarium.

Here are the actual comments that were made.  The responses are placed in several common groups.

Why I would like a St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery:

1. We moved from Chicago to Camdenton in 94.  We moved our family here and this has been our home for past 23 years.  We always wondered where our family would be buried at together, in a Catholic cemetery near our home.  We more than welcome this idea.

2. If the majority of parishioners want a cemetery, I would support their decision.  I personally will be buried elsewhere.

3. We are thrilled this is being considered.

4. I really hope this can happen.

5. This would be great.

6. We will help in anyway we can.

7. We would use it and financially support it.

8. It would be great.

9. Love it! Great idea.

10. I think this is a great idea.

11. I think this would be a very good idea.

12. I'v heard of other parishioners/friends who would like to buried together in a church based Catholic cemetery.  I would not use it because husband is elsewhere.

Other comments:

1. Use would depend if still residing in parish.

2. Answers are dependent on cost involved, etc.

3. Funding issues are my only concern.  I'm very financially conservative.

4. Do we have the money?

5. In-ground - depends on cost - probably columbarium.

6. If you build a cemetery, please consider a section for babies lost to miscarriage.

7. It is my wish to be cremated and my ashes buried in a Catholic cemetery.

8. I would like to see a prayer garden/walking path for private meditation on the parish grounds.

9. We are not decided on what type of burial we would want yet.

10. We have ours but would use this if possible.

Why I would not use the cemetery:

1. I will be buried in Kansas.

2. I have a place in Kansas City with my husband already paid for.

3. Some of us already have family plots and it would depend upon the type of arrangements that could be made.

4. Own a plot in parish of birth.

5. Have plots elsewhere.

6. I will be buried in Veterans Cemetery.

7. I have arrangements made and do not want to move husband and daughter.

8. Our arrangements have already been completed.

9. We will be buried in St. Louis.

10. Will return to family location.

11. I have already made arrangements to be buried at the Missouri State Cemetery.

12. I already have one next to my husband in Il.

13. I will be buried in my hometown.

Why I would not like a cemetery at St. Anthony:

1. Sounds like too much cost and too much maintenance.  Would rather see the money used for missions.

2. Makes no sense to go through the process and trouble having burial ground here when others are available.

3. I think we should exercise the option to have a Catholic space designated at a local cemetery.

In summary, many parishioners were very enthused about the idea of a cemetery here at St. Anthony.  Many who have moved to the area have made plans to be buried with family members at another location.  They already have a plot where they resided in the past or there were few favorable options here in the Camdenton area.  There are cemetery funding concerns.  There were some comments related to contributing input on cemetery design.

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