St. Anthony Test Site

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St. Anthony Property Information

The purpose of this web page is to be a web portal that provides a comprehensive overview of St. Anthony property using satellite views, Camden County GIS maps, pictures taken at many locations during walks on the property and views from the Highway 5/7 bypass.

Satellite Views and Property Line Maps. This web page shows an annotated satellite view of St. Anthony property and a zoomed-in view of a favorable cemetery location.  In addition, there are two GIS maps showing the parcels comprising the property.

Highway View with Corresponding Picture on The Property. This web page depicts the various parts of the St. Anthony property with views from the Highway and corresponding pictures within the same area.

Initial Property Visitation.  This web page describes the initial property during a visitation by Bill Pauls and Sam Beckman as they walked through the property observing and documenting the land formations, type of vegetation growing throughout the area and relating these areas to a recent soil type survey to identify those areas conducive to a cemetery.

South Property Area.  This web page describes the south part of the property from the Ed. Center south and east to the Highway 5 bypass. 

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