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Satellite Views and Property Line Maps

The satellite view shown below depicts all of  the St. Anthony property between the housing area, Windsor Estates, Camdenton County Health and Lake Regional Clinics to the west (left) along North Business Hwy. 5 and the four-lane highway 5/7 to the east (right).

In the above satellite image, the two horizontal red lines depict the approximate north boundary near Watkins Drive and the approximate south boundary near the Lake Area Industries property.

The following is a description of the annotation letters:

N - Northern forest area.

A - Second forest area.

B - Cleared area and part of tree band along highway right-of-way is a favorable cemetery area.  The area around the city water tower and the light green area to the north does not belong to us (See the GIS map below).

C - Pond and cemetery expansion area.

R - Rectory.

E - Ed. Center.

S - Southern forest area.

The figure below and the one to the right are Camden County GIS maps showing the various land parcels that include St. Anthony property and nearby areas.

The larger figure to the right depicts the four St. Anthony land parcels.  These are the large north parcel indicated by the number 22.002, the 23.003 parcel along the highway that includes the grove of cedars and pond, the parcel number 22 that includes the church and rectory and parcel number 3 that includes the Ed. Center and 12.5 acres.

The figure below is zoomed in over the entire cemetery potential area to the east of the rectory and the water tower.  

The initial cemetery development area for a columbarium, in-ground burial and a parking lot is designated Phase 1.  Cemetery expansion for future in-ground plots and landscaping are designated on either side of the initial development.

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