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Cemetery To Do List

The purpose of this page is to list action items that need to be accomplished in the St. Anthony cemetery planning process.  These are items such as:

1. Follow-up from past correspondence (Jack Martin notes) to make sure past information is still valid.

2. Items that arise from new correspondence.

3. Committee member concerns that need to be investigated.

Action Items

1. Followup on Jack Martin's contacts to flush out what "hoops" we may need to go through.   Contacts would include:

a. Camden County Planning and Zoning 346-4440x1350. Completed

b. City of Camdenton Planning and Zoning (x232). Completed

c. Department of Natural Resources, Lake of The Ozarks Satellite Office (348-2442).

d. Water Protection District (751-9351).

e. Missouri State Government Information (573-751-2000) Executive Director for Cemeteries.

2. Create a list of questions that the committee would like to ask the Civil Engineer, Chris Sander when they meet.

3. Identify any parish members or local contacts that would provide help during the cemetery development process.

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